What areas does webMaid cover?

We cover Bexley, City of London, Greenwich, Hackney, Islington, Lewisham, Newham, Kensington & Chelsea, Southwark, Tower Hamlets. 


How long will it take you to find me a cleaner?

We are able to get you your cleaner within two days.


How do you ensure the quality of your cleaners?

Our cleaners are interviewed at our office to ensure the suitability of the applicant. In addition to that we require cleaners to provide us with verifiable proof of identification, address and two references, one of which has to be a previous employer. We are particular in our employment and will not accept individuals who do not satisfy our criteria.


Do I need to provide any cleaning equipment or supplies?

You will need to provide cleaning tools and detergents for all of our cleaning  Packages. If this is a problem we are happy to discuss an alternative solution.


Can I specify the day the housekeeper comes?

You can specify the day for the cleaner to come. We will make every effort to supply you with a suitable cleaner for your chosen day. 


Are there any restrictions placed on the cleaner, with regards to what they will clean?

Yes, they will not perform any deep or specialised cleaning of any antique, computer, delicate or valuable items. Also balconies, walls and window cleaning are excluded from the cleaning services. Windows will only be cleaned on the inside. 


Will I have the same cleaner every week?

Yes providing you are happy with your cleaner! If you are not, simply give us a call, and we will either speak to your cleaner on your behalf or find another one for you. 


Can I Meet The Cleaner First?

Yes, it is always a good idea to meet the cleaner to discuss your priorities with her. Webmaid will arrange a meeting with the cleaner at your house at a convenient time to yourself, which can be in the daytime, evening or weekend. 


Do I have to do anything before my house is cleaned?

We ask you to spend a few minutes tidying where necessary. This will enable us to devote all our time to cleaning and will give you best value for your cleaning fee. 


Do I Have To Stay At Home When The Cleaner Comes To Me?

No, the cleaners are all very stringently vetted and experienced so that you can leave them to clean alone in your house. References provided on request.


Will Webmaid be Able To Provide Me With A Temporary Cleaner If My Regular Cleaner Is Off Sick Or On Holiday?

Yes, Webmaid will always contact you to arrange temporary cover should your regular cleaner let us know that she is unable to come to you for any reason. 


What happens if my scheduled cleaning falls on a statutory holiday?

Please contact us to make alternative arrangements. 


How do I arrange special requests, changes or cancellations?

Please call the Webmaid, giving at least 24 hours notice of your requirements.


What if something gets broken when my home is cleaned?

We treat your home with the utmost care, however if something is damaged or broken we will leave a note and will contact you as soon as possible to let you know. Please ensure you have relevant insurance in place to ensure your valuable items are protected from unforseeable day to day accidentsd as webMaid can not be liable for replacing all of your household items.


What happen if I'm not happy with my cleaner?

WE like to think that all of our staff are efficient and friendly, however if there is a particular problem and you want us to change your cleaner, webMaid will allocate you a new cleaner.


What is the notice period to cancel the Regular Cleaning?

The written notice period with the agency is one month. 


If I give them keys, will they and the contents of my home be safe?



Why is the cleaner paid separately?

The cleaner is self-employed. 


How can I pay?

You can pay on Website, by Cheque, Standing Order.